Street Photography Amsterdam

Sticker tagging, as a form of street art is promoting the city by attracting tourism in specific areas, advertising cultural events and commenting on social or political (glocal) issues. Projects emerged in the US and Europe in the late 1980s. Indirectly, sticker art is focusing our attention towards architectural or engineering details, the materiality of buildings and elements of urban infrastructure. Similar to graffiti, stickers can be used as tools for gentrification.

Early editions were printed in dye-diffusion using Polaroid Hi Print, as research on different printing technologies. The idea progressed into sticker-art. 

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Cueva de las Manos

Cueva de las Manos. Image CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia

"Remember that the classical primordial thinking assumes a human as part of the world. They couldn't reflect on existence. But what is emphasized with these prints is the fact of existence, like "I entered, I was here" and oddly this leitmotif can be later found in graffiti. Strange as it may seem to you, graffiti in fact incorporates exactly this gesture, like "I was here". Graffiti, just like a palm print, often can't be understood by an outsider, you know, the real text can be understood by a very narrow subculture, which is aware of what it means, and it's a total puzzle for the rest. The "I was here" feature is clearly seen here [at Cueva de las Manos]. This is just astonishing. The birth of a person who exists in the moment, and not just a person as a "chunk", a "piece", a "fragment" of the world."

- "ART FOR INTROVERT LTD", "Art History: From Cave Paintings to Bansky"